Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Working, working

The crew is currently meeting in our finally usable production room. The room has had issues with security, or lack there of, so we have had to edit elsewhere. Now we have a centralized area that is allowing us to work more efficiently. I just asked the group of recent developments in the production that I may be unaware of.

Matt is the head of our editing department and he just informed me of his recent progress. Up to this weekend we have gotten a disproportionate amount of footage of Frank, leaving Nick with a few clips here and there. After the shoot at Nick's high school, Matt has been able to balance out the storyline with more content including Nick.

Topher, the head of the sound department, is also planning on starting the score (the soundtrack for the film) this weekend. The score must be constructed after the raw footage has been put together somewhat. Topher is a master when it comes to sound...trust me, he has dreadlocks.

Tomorrow we will be shooting interviews with the Villanova Mens' Basketball Team. These should be very interesting. Frank is a manager of that team and we are all very excited to hear what they have to say about him.

And lastly, I am using Erica's computer so I would feel badly if I didn't announce that she is working very hard on the project, which must be difficult with me snagging her computer all the time :-)

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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