Thursday, April 22, 2010

Editing, editing, editing...

Editing, editing, editing... and oh yes, a little more editing. Right now I cannot emphasize enough just how happy I am that I am not on the editing team. This is my first experience in a film production setting and I must say that these individuals are the slaves of the production crew. I am trying to think of some slave metaphor to describe just how tedious the process is, but I'm drawing a blank. Sorry guys, I guess I'm just not on point today.

In other news, if you have yet to read the latest issue of Villanovan, our film is featured is a very nice article. My picture is in it and they make me look professional. I know! I didn't believe it was possible either! Greg, Frank's aid, is mentioned as Frank's nurse. L.I.N. (Live in Nurse) is apparently our new nickname for him, because we don't give him enough crap as is. For a complete list of topics we give Greg a hard time about please email me at (just kidding).

The screening for "Coming off the DL" is only eight days away! We are screening it in the Connelly Cinema, April 30th, at 9:00pm. All are welcome. Seriously though, if I know you and I see that you don't have the date marked in your calendar I will say something mean about you in this blog the next day! Don't test me. Ask Erica if you don't believe me.

Speaking of Erica, she just sneezed violently and felt that me making fun of her for it was not nice. She then proceeded to hit me. If you see her on campus please do me a favor and glare at her.

Here is the link to the Villanovan article:

Happy Earth Day!


This message was brought to you because of the inspiration of Madeline Reynolds. In other words: she is sitting next to me and is complaining that I never talk about her...

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