Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Title: "Coming Off the DL"

Hello again everyone. I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter and your travels went smoothly. The documentary class had our first session after the recess today. We discussed titles, and logistics regarding our premier. The premier is only 24 days away which always seems to sneak up on you faster than you expect. We seem to be hitting the ground running though; the editing team is currently molding our raw footage into what we all hope will be a powerful and informative documentary.

We just received word that we have permission to shoot and Nick's high school. We are sending a film crew to interview faculty and friends of Nick on Friday. We also want to get some good footage of Nick in his natural environment. We shot at Frank's high school a few weeks ago and we hope to have the same success this time around. Nick seems to be somewhat of a celebrity with the Villanova girls basketball team (not that I'm jealous) so I imagine he's as much of one in high school.

Last Thursday we interviewed Frank, who has a new board. It allows him to speak via a computer program. He had most of the film crew on the floor laughing. Personally I think I had a minor heart attack but no one seems to believe me. At one point we had to have him repeat a response because several people couldn't contain our laughter.

In a recent development (drum roll please), we have settled on a title: "Coming Off the DL" The DL is short for the Disabled List for those of you who do not know. It is a listing of injured players on the roster.

Enjoy the absurdly beautiful weather everyone!


Ps. Erica: I'm sorry I let Meg steal your chair today :/

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