Monday, April 26, 2010

"Mastah B-Rollah"

Matt will from here on out be known as "Mastah B-Rollah" or "Master B-Roller" for those of you who are not Spike Lee fans. He is going through interviews and matching them with footage to make the film flow nicely. Go eat a bowl of rice with chopsticks and you might get an idea of how laborious this process can be. Luckily we have Mads and Lindsey who have catalogued the footage really well. Don't get me wrong, Matt might still need to be committed after this, but it could be worse.

It has recently come to my attention that Margaux has been putting titles to my various blogs... We all know how I feel about people messing with my blog masterpiece. Ask Michelangelo how frustrated he'd have been if people decided to draw on his ceiling. And yes, I am implying that I am the Michelangelo of blogging.

Jay keeps telling me that he is in fact not homeless. I am skeptical. Megan says she can't figure out how to comment on the blog even though I said something nice about her in it, and Erica's head is in a frame where we were shooting Frank. Having just re-read that last paragraph, I realize that sleep deprivation is getting to me so I'm just going to quit now.

Goodnight everyone!!


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