Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Production Company Name

We have created a production company for this film. Yesterday we had a series of names for said company including, but not limited to: B-Roller Productions, 15 in 15 Production, 70s Couch Productions, Homeless Hat Man Productions, Segment X Productions, and a few others that all have inside meaning that no one else will consider significant. We settled on "Steal This Productions," despite opposition from Margaux, who thinks that we will have our equipment or material stolen because karma. Just don't steal our stuff please.

Topher is working on sound for the film and I think it is going well. You can never really tell with him because he is usually pretty laid back regardless. Trish is usually a better indication, but I think she has had too much caffeine pumped through her system at this point. I expect her energy level to be normal sometime around mid to late June.

3 more days!!


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