Saturday, April 17, 2010

Progress Report

Greetings from the "Fearless Leader" as Justin likes to call me.
I just felt like I needed to chime in on this blog, to give an update and let everyone know that I have officially recovered from my encounter with Jay Wright and Scottie Reynolds. Speaking of which, JT and I were getting food during an editing break and Scottie came up the stairs to 2nd Storey and he totally recognized us and said hi. Admit it, you're a little jealous. =)

At this point we have the first 7 minutes or so of the film pretty much set. We need to add some finishing touches, but the story and the audio are pretty much locked.

Next we have to get the crux of the whole film, Act 2, pulled together. That is going to be a lot more complicated and time consuming, mostly because we have so much great footage and we need to edit it down to 12 minutes.

Just to give you an idea of the time commitment for 2 minutes of footage there's at least 7 hours of work, between editing, sound mixing, adding B-roll, color correcting, etc.; and that doesn't even count the time put into actually filming it.

So at this point we have 13 days until the screening and a whole lot of work ahead of us, but everyone is giving their all to help get it all done.

Shout out to my editors, try and get some sleep while you still can.
Much love to the Documentary Task Force (too much? Eh, I thought I'd give it a try).


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