Thursday, April 29, 2010


The editors just informed me that the process of editing the still photos in the beginning of the film took over an hour and a half. This was for a sequence about a minute and a half in length... This process is called rendering, and this process is why the editors haven't slept in the past few days. Jay slept on his couch in the editing room. And he isn't actually homeless; he was just working that much.

I ran into Frank yesterday and he was very excited for tomorrow. Well, Frank kind of ran into me. His chair has got some power behind it; that thing was hauling. The dude is like Jeff Gordon.

Oh, and the film screening is TOMORROW!!! Yes, that's right!!! Come to the Villanova Cinema tomorrow at 9 p.m. I promise you will like it. If you tell me you don't like it I will have Frank run you down with his chair.

Hope to see you all there!!


P.S. Desiree is a wonderful editor, she just has horrible taste in hats. It must be an editor thing (sorry Matt, I'm sure if you ever wore a hat it would be very nice).

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