Monday, April 19, 2010

It's coming together!

Today we worked on narration for a bit. I think I would be a wonderful narrator, you know, because my voice is all James Earl Jones like. Apparently other people don't agree with me. Oh well.

After the narration, JT and I met up with Trish and Jay. Trish felt that a decent apology for stealing my spot as blog writer (She wrote the last post. Trechterous right?!) was to let me hold her phone... Jay took still shots of Frank, Nick, Jon, and Greg. And yes, he still insists on wearing his old person hat. JT on the other hand was not wearing his hat. I suspect the critters living in that thing finally decided to walk away with it. Trish, our fearless leader, was leading the shoot... fearlessly... I really don't know what she was doing; I was too busy answering her phone.

Topher has been pulling all nighters and making insane music for the film. I have had the intro theme song stuck in my head for a solid five hours now. I've also been playing imaginary drums for that alloted timeframe. He's a really good musician. One of my friends from back home once told me that skinny white kids (at the time he was referring to me) don't have any sense of rhythm. Well Topher just wrecked that theory.

It is now time to edit so I've gotta run.

Justin (NOT Trish)

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