Friday, April 16, 2010


Tonight was the first "official" all-nighter for the editing crew according to our fabulous director. I am currently sitting in the editing room watching the process continue... it is 3:56pm. Our TA, Jason, just said we could have this weekend off to do "personal things." What he didn't say was that this film will be our life for the next two weeks. This is the process where, if you happen to run into members of the crew on campus, you should not be alarmed if we are talking to ourselves under our breath.

Topher is focusing on the music with a tenacity and vigor that one wouldn't normally expect to see from someone with the rasta mindset. I know this because we have been yelling at him for the past minute and fifteen seconds and he has yet to answer. His headphones must be really nice.

At this point we have over 200 still photos of Frank and Nick, along with over 80 hours of footage, not to mention home videos. Don't you just love seeing images of people from long ago when their hair and clothes styles were just ridiculous? The icing on the cake is when we get to see said images in their presence. "What were you thinking?!" has become a very common phrase in the editing room. Seeing a picture of our Dean of Admissions in neon jogging "attire" was one of my favorites.

JT would like to get shirts labeling us as the documentary task force. Not sure how I feel about this. Jason has also been wearing an old person hat for the past week or so. You know, the type of hat that you only see in fifties movies. I'm not sure how I feel about this either.

Lindsey is sitting next to me eating my Fritos. I borrowed her computer and I think this is her way of getting back at me.

If my next post is not in English it means I pulled an all-nighter with the editors and am just one step closer to losing my mind...

Light a candle for me!


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